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  • A message by the project coordinator

    Dear all, This message is an introduction to the STAR project and its stated aims. We are working on building a new way of using AI to assist, rather than impose on humans. To do this, we are investigating how Large Language Models with multiple parameters which can generate text can be used to assist…

  • STAR Project

    A funded research project by MCAST in collaboration with MCST When ChatGPT was released, all of us were established AI researchers who are also teachers. We had been teaching python and training models for a long time at MCAST, which is a vocational institution, and were quite familiar with the issues that come with trying…

  • MCAST R&I Expo 2023

    A forum amongst AI experts and attendees at the MCAST R&I Expo 2023 was conducted aimed at boosting competency digitalization in education principles and exchanging views on opportunities & challenges of conversational AI in education and research. #starproject #researchexcellenceprogramme

  • STAR Deliverables

    During the past months STAR Project has been working on multiple tasks and finalised 2 deliverables: Quality Assurance Plan of the project and the Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation Plan.